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Solar Panel Repairs and Servicing

Solar Panel Repairs and Servicing

People are moving to alternative energy sources like solar panels because of rising energy costs and the carbon footprint that most traditional power sources leave behind as fallout residues.

To optimize the system’s energy output and efficiency, solar panel servicing is essential. It guarantees that the electricity bill savings you were promised by your solar business will be generated by your system. Frequent maintenance ensures that the panels are clear of dirt, spotless, and performing at the best possible levels.

solar system will only generate a return on investment and long-term cost savings if you regularly clean and maintain the solar panels.

Solar Panel Repairs and Servicing

Repairing solar panels includes doing any necessary servicing, adjustments, and repairs to restore its full functionality. Occasionally, replacing only one solar panel is all that is required. Electrical wiring, batteries, and inverters are just a few of the many components of the system that experts could need to repair or replace. This kind of maintenance is known as “solar system repair.”

Why solar panel servicing is important

To optimize the system’s energy output and efficiency, solar panel maintenance is necessary. It ensures that the electricity bill savings you were promised by your solar business will be accomplished by your system. Frequent servicing indicates that the panels are clear of dirt, spotless, and performing at the best possible levels. Among the main justifications for solar panel maintenance are:

  • Optimal performance: The accumulation of dust, dirt, pollen, and bird droppings on the surface of solar panels can diminish their capacity to efficiently absorb sunlight. Frequent cleaning maximizes the absorption of sunlight, thereby maximizing energy production.
  • Longevity: By protecting the investment and guaranteeing a longer time of energy generation, proper maintenance and servicing can prolong the lifespan of solar panels.
  • Safety: Performing routine inspections can help find possible electrical problems or damage that could endanger public safety. Accidents and electrical malfunctions can be avoided with prompt repairs.

What is the most important thing to know about solar panels?

Maintaining your solar panels in excellent working order is easy and simple as long as you do it regularly and efficiently. Your solar panels will last for decades if you maintain them, which will enable you to recover your original investment and more.

Your PV cells are highly vulnerable to damage from dirt, dried leaves, mud smudges, and other debris after a storm or protracted dryness. Your solar panels will absorb less light and generate less power than they could if they are discolored or have spots and dust on them. That is why solar panel repairs and servicing is key to success of solar system working.


Cleaning will depend on the surrounding environment and the weather. You can undertake a complete cleaning about twice a year, or more often if necessary. If you have a lot of rain where you live, your panels don’t accumulate.

Repairs and Issues with the Solar System

Solar panels rarely fail since they don’t have any moving components. This is the reason why manufacturers are pleased to provide a 25-year guarantee on the modules they ship. The warranty does not cover a wide range of items that might interfere with your installation’s functionality. These include:

  • Colliding rubble
  • Micro-cracks
  • Inadequate quality control
  • Voltage spikes
  • Pests and bird poop.
  • Natural disasters and earthquakes

Is it possible to repair damaged solar panels?

In a nutshell, the answer is “yes.” There are businesses dedicated to servicing solar equipment, and among their services is fixing damaged PV modules. There area few considerations:

  • There is need to hire a professional to remove and reinstall your solar system, even if the repair shop offers these services.
  • Most damaged glass is repaired away from the building. Due to the nature of string inverters, older PV systems may suffer significantly from even a single lost module.
  • Your modules’ original manufacturer’s warranty may be nullified if you send them to a service center or reseller. However, the solar panel expert who fixes your panels may offer you a newer warranty, albeit a shorter one.

The Price of Fixing Solar Panels

Every uninstalled solar panel is expected to cost between $300 and $500. The price range for panel replacement or repair could be between $200 and $1,000. Just Doing Solar is your reliable solar repairs partner that offer affordable services prices.

The pricing of new panels will mirror the going rate for retail goods. Consumer Affairs, on the other hand, estimates that you’ll need between $200 and $250 per unit. The price of labor is difficult to predict. However, according to estimations, the total cost per installed watt is between $2.40 and $3.22. This equates to $600 to $1,288 per panel, with most home solar modules having an output of between 250 and 400 watts.

The Price of Fixing a Solar Inverter

Thumbtack, a platform for finding contractors, estimates that a new string inverter will cost $1,200 to $2,500, and a micro inverter will cost $100 to $250. On the other hand, labor costs can add $250-$500 to the total.

Repairing Solar Batteries costs

Prices for batteries typically hover around $7,000. However, this estimate is optimistic because of the high labor costs.

The importance of solar panel maintenance

It guarantees you will see the savings on your electric bill forecasted when you first get your solar system. Panels only function efficiently if kept clean, debris-free, and regularly serviced.

Best practices for maintaining solar panels

Here are some recommendations for service and maintenance to guarantee the effective operation of solar panels:

  • Periodic cleaning: is essential to maintaining solar panels’ peak efficiency, especially in dusty or polluted areas. Use delicate cleaning agents and soft brushes or sponges to prevent scratching the panel surface.
  • Professional inspection: Arrange for recurring examinations by certified solar experts who can spot potential problems, look for loose connections, and run electrical tests to guarantee system security and effectiveness

A virtual power plant: what is it?

To respond to spikes in demand on the electrical grid, a network of small- to medium-sized power generating, consuming, and storage units is known as a virtual power plant (VPP).

Why VPPs benefit the grid

Utility companies must find more electricity when the system becomes overloaded in the evening, especially on warm days when many customers demand air conditioning simultaneously. The conventional source of this impromptu energy is a power plant known as a “peaker,” which swiftly burns a large amount of natural gas to increase power.


Our solar panels need to be maintained with the utmost care as we use the sun’s energy to illuminate our lives. Frequent repairs and maintenance not only promote a cleaner, greener earth but also guarantee the longevity and effectiveness of these sustainable powerhouses.

Together, let’s work toward a sustainable future. Maximize the potential of your solar panel installation by following “Just Doing Solar” as a guide. Let’s spread the word about a better, more sustainable tomorrow while basking in the sunshine together.

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