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Solar panels in Pennsylvania

Solar panels installation in Pennsylvania

As environmental awareness grows, Pennsylvania plays a significant role in the green energy revolution. The installation of solar power in Pennsylvania represents a significant advancement in sustainability.

Just Doing Solar invariably ranks as the customer’s best option for solar installations in Pennsylvania. Reputed for providing excellent installations and outstanding service, Just Doing Solar is one of the top solar firms in Pennsylvania.

We ensure optimal energy efficiency and significant long-term savings for clients with their experience in solar panel optimization in Pennsylvania. Just Doing Solar provides clients with the knowledge and tools to make wise choices and optimize financial gains by being well-versed in the state’s solar incentives and regulations. A clean, dependable source of renewable energy for years to come is what clients who choose Just Doing Solar can expect from one of the best solar firms in Pennsylvania.

Energy Efficient Solutions in Pennsylvania

We offer ways to make the systems in your home more energy and environment friendly. Install solar panels to get clean, inexpensive power that will last for a long time. A split air cooling system is easier to set up, costs less, and uses less power. It can also be linked to your smart home.

We can help you protect your most valuable things from frozen pipes this winter by giving you whole house generators.

Home solar in Pennsylvania

Go green to start saving money on your electricity bill!

Solar panels allow you to accumulate clean, renewable energy straight from the sun and can be installed on your roof or in an open area. Just Doing Solar is a NABCEP-certified solar installer. 

Our most popular home solar panel in Pennsylvania considers your roof’s size, age, and direction to create a solar design that maximizes your output.

Efficiency and aesthetics are balanced in our solar installations. In addition to enjoying the elegant, clean edge of a sleek, contemporary system that will inspire envy in your neighbors, we want you to see a return on your investment. As we install your household solar system, we want to improve your curb appeal so you can be happy to announce, “We’ve gone solar.”

Solar panel cost in Pennsylvania

The cost of solar panel installation in Pennsylvania changes based on the solar project. The average cost of home solar panel installation in Pennsylvania range from $12,500 to $17,500. The average PA solar panel system pays for itself in 6 to 10 years, and solar tax credits and other incentives are also available to help balancing the cost by thousands.

Pennsylvania solar incentives

Federal governments and state governments offers a number of solar incentives that raise the allure of converting to solar power, in addition to the financial and ecological benefits.


Utility firms can attain renewable energy standards by using Solar Renewable Energy Credits (SRECs) to yield surplus solar energy to the grid. The balance between the supply of renewable energy that is readily accessible and the specific demand from utility companies to fulfill their renewable energy commitments determines the value of SRECs.


A great opportunity to save a substantial amount of money on your Pennsylvania solar panel installation is provided by the Federal Solar Investment Tax Credit. You may be qualified for a 30% tax credit on the installation expenses if your solar panels are installed within the tax year. Although the incentive is scheduled to decline progressively2032 progressively, you may take advantage of this substantial tax credit by acting quickly, which will enable you to lower your initial solar panel installation costs in Pennsylvania significantly.


When your solar system generates more electricity than your household or place of business needs, net metering allows you to give the extra solar energy back to the utility provider. You may use the credits accumulated throughout this procedure to lower your costs when you want grid electricity.


Pennsylvania has a number of solar benefits to get people to use solar energy. Some applications that assist doing this encompass net metering, the Federal Solar Investment Tax Credit, and Solar Renewable Energy Credits (SRECs). Commercial and homeowners in the country can lessen their energy costs and help to make the cleaner and more sustainable future with these programs.

With these tax breaks, Pennsylvania actively encourages the switch to solar power, making it a desired and affordable choice for anyone who wants to use the clean, green energy that the sun provides.

Solar panels in Philadelphia

Just Doing Solar is a leading solar installer if you want to join the growing community of people using solar energy to power their homes and businesses. Get a quote for professional solar panel installation in Philadelphia, PA.

The solar services you get continue with the installation. Just Doing Solar will provide long-term maintenance for your new solar panel system to ensure that your solar investment stays secure for many years.

The cost of solar panels in Philadelphia

Solar power offers numerous long-term advantages for the environment and your pocketbook, even though solar panels frequently cost hundreds of dollars to buy and install. On top of being a low-danger, long-term investment, sun panels may also boost the value of your own home.

The typical cost of a solar panel installation in Philadelphia, PA, as of January 2024, is $3.25 per watt. A 5 kW setup charges around $16,257 earlier than incentives, even as fees vary from $thirteen 818 to $18,696. The average cost is 30% lower after the federal tax credit score.

Is solar worth it in Philadelphia?

In Pennsylvania, solar panels are worthwhile. Even while installing solar requires an initial expenditure, it may save you money and pay for itself over time. Solar panels may provide energy and financial security, especially with utility bills at all-time highs in much of the United States.

Solar panels in Philadelphia

Solar panels in Pittsburgh

It’s cheaper than ever to install solar in Pittsburgh. We are the most seasoned Solar Panel Installation Company in Pittsburgh and Western Pennsylvania. In addition to OH, WV, NJ, DC, and MD, we now offer commercial solar installations.

Just Doing Solar can assist you with harvesting the sun whether you are considering solar electricity for your commercial space, residence, farm, municipality, or non-profit.

Hundreds of businesses, households, farms, governments, and non-profit organizations around Western Pennsylvania trust Just Doing Solar because of our premium materials and solar goods, excellent construction techniques, and industry expertise in the solar sector. Use Just Doing Solar to reduce or eliminate your skyrocketing energy costs.

The cost of solar panels in Pittsburgh

The average home solar system in Pittsburgh is around 5 kW. Total expenses range from $13,000 to $18,000 at an anticipated cost of more than $3 per watt. Savings from various state and municipal incentives and the Federal Investment Tax Credit (ITC) are not included in this pricing.

When tax credits and other incentives are considered, thousands of dollars may be taken off the typical installation cost.

Is solar worth it in Pittsburgh?

Pittsburgh is a wonderful place for solar. You might get more solar energy from a similar-sized array if you lived in a desert, but this is because there are fewer clouds. Pittsburgh would have more peak days than the desert since solar panels perform better in lower temperatures.

Solar panels in Allentown

Are you a resident of Allentown and want to install solar panels in your homes? Just Doing Solar is delighted to serve people wishing to convert their house or company to clean and sustainable solar energy with an extensive selection of solar services in Allentown.

Our skilled solar professionals are dedicated to designing a unique solar plan carefully built to enhance your home or place of business. During your solar panels’ lifetime, switching to clean energy lessens your influence on the environment and saves you a substantial sum of income.

Solar panels cost in Allentown

Making a switch to solar panеls in Allentown may bеnеfit both thе еnvironmеnt and your pockеtbook. Before еnjoying thе bеnеfits of solar еlеctricity, let’s discuss еxpеnsеs. Solar panеls in Allentown gеnеrally cost bеtwееn $2.51 and $2.88 per watt. Thеrеforе, bеforе you apply thе gеnеrous 30% fеdеral tax crеdit, thе pricе of a typical 5-kilowatt systеm might rangе from $12,550 to $14,400, bringing thе total down to a brightеr $8,785 to $10,080.

Howеvеr, kееp in mind that thе еfficiеncy and sizе of thе panеls you choosе, as wеll as thе installеr, may affеct how far you go. Larger solar systеms generate morе power but it costs morе, whilе еfficiеnt panеls pack a thump in lеss spacе. Note that thе dirеction of your roof and its еxposurе to thе sun also mattеr.

Contact Us at Just Doing Solar, if you want to install solar panels in your homes in Allentown.

Is solar worth it in Allentown?

Considеring thе monеtary advantagеs, еnvironmеntal bеnеfits, and еxpanding rеsourcе availability makеs it an appеaling choicе for many housеholds.

Through carеful considеration of your uniquе situation and еxtеnsivе study, you can dеcidе if solar powеr is thе bеst option for your housе and hеlp makе Allentown clеanеr and morе prospеrous.

Solar panels in Erie

Investing in solar panels may seem like a substantial financial choice, but Just Doing Solar is here to make it more accessible for Erie residents. We provide flexible financing solutions to ensure a seamless transition to solar power.

In Erie, there are a lot of reasons to install solar panels. For instance, rising living expenses and electricity bills must encourage locals and companies to switch to solar power.

Depending on where you live, the cost of power varies. Therefore, you don’t have to be swayed by how popular solar energy is. Contact Just Doing Solar for solar panel installation in Erie.

Solar panels cost in Erie

The system size, the capacity to generated power, efficiency of the solar panels, the trouble of the installation, and the available solar incentives all are the factors that affect how much installing solar panels in Erie will cost.

Solar panel installation costs are openly effected by the size of the solar system required to meet energy needs for your homes. However, choosing more expensive initially, high-quality and energy-efficient panels will pay you in the long run by providing better performance and cost savings.

Residents in Erie have the financial and environmental advantage of embracing solar power thanks to government incentives and rebates that assist in balancing total prices and installation difficulty, including roof conditions.

Is solar worth it in Erie?

Are you looking for solar power installation in Erie? Going solar has several advantages, so installing solar panels in Eire is worthwhile home improvement project. Even though solar energy is a great investment, you can help save the environment and earn more money than you spend.

Solar panels in Scranton

Residents and Business go to solar panel installation in Scranton, PA, to benefit them save costs, as the region obtains 176 days of sunshine yearly.  It is more crucial than ever to save income wherever possible, irrespective of the size of your family. 

Everyone is willing to lessen their power bills, but mostly they are too big to manage by themselves.  To put more money back in your pocket, you can get professional assistance installing solar panels in Scranton, Pennsylvania for long-term efficiency.

Get in touch with Just Doing Solar to get expert solar panel installation in Scranton.

Solar panels cost in Scranton

A 6 kW solar system on average costs $10,426 once the 30% federal solar tax credit is applied in Scranton. In Scranton, the average cost of solar panels is $2.48 per watt.

This is fewer than the nationwide average cost for the home solar power installations that is $3.0 per watt.

Is solar worth it in Scranton

Solar panels are great investments in most places, including Scranton, PA. How fast you break even on your investment associated to other places in the US depends on multiple variables, including the cost of power, subsidies, temperature, and the angle at which the sun strikes your roof.