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Solar Panels In Florida

Florida is a great place to install solar panel as it has witnessed more sunshine as compared to other states. A huge number of residents going solar and utilizing the solar power for a sustainable future.

Solar powеr is еconomical and rеliablе. Thе annual savings might rеach hundrеds of dollars dеpеnding on whеrе you livе.

When you work with the proper firm, going solar may be easy. Pay for the guaranteed electricity that your solar energy produces, not just the panels and installation, exactly as you would with your utility bill.

The future is solar energy; the decision is yours. By switching to solar power, you save money, the environment, and your health. If you live in Florida and want to adopt solar energy in your homes, then contact Just Doing Solar now for solar panel installation in Florida homes.

Home Solar Panel installer in Florida

Just Doing Solar is the leading solar installation company in Florida. Differentiating us from other solar businesses in Florida are our honest sales tactics, inexpensive pricing, high-quality goods, and a fantastic team of solar experts.

We want to provide an outstanding solar experience before resorting to a sales pitch. Because we don’t use subcontractors, we can bypass the mediators and provide the savings to you directly.

We provide several services, such as professional installation, affordable prices, and free consultations. You may be sure that your solar panel system will perform to its full potential with our experience. We are here to make the process as simple and effective as possible; we understand that converting to solar energy may be a significant step.

Allow us to assist you in making the move so you can enjoy the numerous advantages of solar energy.

Solar panel cost in Florida

Solar panels cost in Florida on average of $2.58 per watt. This is noticeably less than the $3.16 per watt national average.

That comes to $15,480 for a 6-kW system before applying tax credits, rebates, or solar incentives. This estimate is only a baseline. The type of solar panel you choose and your unique energy requirements are two more variables that impact the overall cost.

Solar panel cost in Florida

Factors affect the Solar panel cost in Florida

A number of factors, such as your location, home’s size, roof structure, and climate, influence the total cost of solar panel installation in Florida. These are:

  • Labor costs: Your system’s size, the difficulty of the installation, and the going rate in your region will all affect labor costs. These expenses differ across solar contractors, but your first quotation should include a detailed breakdown.
  • Location: System size, climate, and the cost of specific solar providers all affect installation costs, which differ across states. Residents in warm or cold climates require different amounts of electricity to maintain a pleasant house temperature.
  • Getting a permit is necessary for solar energy projects. Your supplier will submit this documentation in your solar panel estimate, including all relevant costs.
  • Roof type: Depending on the design of your roof, installers may need extra tools to finish the task. The size of the panels they can install also depends on the available roof space.
  • Roof age: Solar systems don’t have to be heavy, but they do need racking, a special mounting device that firmly mounts to your roof. With time, an old, flimsy roof may give way from the extra weight and be unable to sustain the solar panels.
  • Type of solar panel: Superior solar panels have higher costs than inferior models due to their superior efficiency. Choosing less expensive panels will only sometimes save you money since you may need more of them to make up for their lower efficiency.
  • System size: Solar systems are designed to handle your home’s energy needs. Larger houses need more robust systems since they consume more energy.

Consider your financing options for your solar panels in addition to these aspects. Long-term payment options, like a solar loan, can reduce your monthly payments but raise your overall expenses because of interest rates. The easiest way to prevent more interest is to pay for the system fully. It does, however, come with a substantial upfront cost.

Solar incentives in Florida

A number of solar panel incentives are available for the residents of Florida. Some of these are:

Federal government solar tax credits

The federal solar investment tax credit offers 30% credit on the total cost of solar panel installation. This credit is only available to people who buy PV solar systems, those who lease are not eligible.

Your income level is also a crucial consideration since the tax credit’s financial benefits may vary. Higher paid individuals may not benefit from the tax credit in any way, much alone significantly.

Solar Energy Rebates & Tax Credits in Florida

There is no statewide application of solar panel subsidies in Florida. But, using tax incentives might help down installation expenses.

The 6% sales tax for solar panels is waived for Floridians due to exclusions from solar and combined heat and power (CHP).

Renewable Energy Credits (RECs) from consumers that utilise solar panels to generate energy are allowed to be given by Florida utilities to solar power businesses. It is called “net metering” practice. The next year, you may cash out or use those credits against your energy expenses.

But, these advantages may not last forever: Politicians in the Sunshine State chose to remove incentives for net metering by 2029, despite the fact that the practice is widely supported.

Net Metering

A Florida Net Metering scheme was created to help electric utility customers balance their power usage with the excess they generate. Clients that participate may get a credit on their electricity bills for the additional power they used. It is not a problem to sell excess solar power back to the Florida grid if you have more than you need.

Local incentives

Due to state and local subsidies, Floridians may be able to save even more money with solar panels. You may check your local rules to see if there are any solar panel subsidies available.

  • Boynton Beach Energy Edge initiative
  • Florida Keys Electric Cooperative
  • Dunedin Solar Energy Rebate award Program

Florida Loans for Solar Panels

Florida Residents might also benefit from the state’s ample sunshine and make contributions to environmental protection with the aid of installing solar panels. Although the initial installation cost of solar panels is probably excessive, they may bring about lengthy-time period fee savings. The financing alternatives which are available may also make an environmentally pleasant buy greater inexpensive.

PACE Program

A household’s installation of solar panels can be eligible for financial aid under the Florida Property-Assessed Clean Energy (PACE) program, for example. Homes may participate in this state-level scheme by paying for solar energy upgrades with a special charge on their property taxes.

The PACE program and many municipal financing schemes are options for Floridians seeking finance for solar projects.

Tallahassee Utilities Offers Energy Efficiency Loans.

Under the Tallahassee Utilities Energy Efficiency Loans scheme, residents may buy solar equipment at a low interest rate of 5% with no down payment necessary. The cash is available for five to 10 years, depending on the solar measure, and may be used by anybody with an interest in solar energy solutions.

Florida Keys Electric Cooperative

An additional option for clients wishing to fund solar installations is the Florida Keys Electric Cooperative Solar Loan Program. The up to $35,000 in loans offered by the initiative are applicable to DERs such as grid-tied battery storage systems and solar photovoltaic systems. According on their credit history, residents are admitted into the scheme.

Solar panels in Jacksonville

Just Doing Solar installs outstanding solar panels in Jacksonville for homeowners and business owners. Our system harnesses the energy from the sun to create sustainable power that brings in money and tax benefits for you.

Our state-certified team’s years of expertise have given them a unique understanding of solar setups for various types of roofs and wind loads. We provide smooth, secure installations of renewable energy systems that last 25–30 years without experiencing any problems.

We always use the finest parts and supplies to ensure your system is long-lasting and up to the highest standards. We will use the best craftsmanship in Jacksonville to provide a power solution specific to your demands and home.

Solar panels cost in Jacksonville

After applying the ITC, the solar panels in Jacksonville of a 5-kW system cost around $16,050, while that of a 10-kW system is $32,100. If you need more solar equipment and more efficient panels or use more energy than usual, you should budget more. On the other hand, if you’d like less costly solar panels or a more minor solar panel system, you may pay less.

Is solar worth it in Jacksonville?

The worth of solar panels relies on several variables, including the price you spend for power and the quantity of direct sunshine your roof receives. As it reduced the energy costs, yes, it’s worth it in Jacksonville.

Solar panels in Miami

Your home’s utility meter tracks how much electricity is produced by solar power. If your new solar power system generates more energy than you use, the local utility company will credit your account for future power bills, putting money in your pocket. 

With a solar panel installation in Miami, you may save money every day. Additionally, your house is still wired into the electrical grid, giving you additional electricity during overcast days and nights.

Our solar panel systems are growing in popularity as they raise property value and save homeowners hundreds of dollars annually. We are trustworthy and competent solar panel installers.

Contact Us at Just Doing Solar for your home solar panel installation in Miami.

Solar panels cost in Miami

A solar system in Miami usually has a capacity of 9 kW, which is comparable to the size of a system in Florida. With a price per watt of $3.21, this system would need a solar panel installation cost of around $28,890. Considering solar panel incentives like the federal tax credit, your actual cost will be far less than the original estimate.

Is solar worth it in Miami?

Going solar is an excellent option in Miami. Due to the high power use of Florida residents and the state’s higher energy production from solar systems than other states, solar energy is a wise investment.

Solar panels in Tampa

Are you looking to install solar panels in your Tampa homes and business? No worries. Just Doing Solar is here to assist your solar panels installation in Tampa.

We at Just Doing Solar are dedicated to provide Jacksonville with top-notch solar installations. Your house will have dependable and effective solar panels with an energy-secure Just Doing Solar system. 

From the initial stages, our certified solar installers collaborate with you to create a solar energy system that will reduce your power costs.

Our excellent customer service and outstanding workmanship have helped us establish a solid reputation as a reliable solar installer in Tampa. Our first goal when it comes to solar installation is your pleasure.

Solar panels cost in Tampa

In Tampa, FL, the cost of a 5 kW system is just $11,987. Since the cost of a system doubles with its size, a 10 kW system would approximately double that amount. However, the more you recompense in, the more you’ll get back as a credit beside your federal tax liability.

Is solar worth it in Tampa?

Yes, Solar panel installation in Tampa is a wise investment. Going solar is an excellent idea in Tampa. Most likely, Tampa Electric Company (TECO) serves as your utility provider. Solar energy is a wonderful investment because of Florida’s high power consumption and TECO’s net metering program.

Solar panels in Orlando

Orlando has determined that sustainable, safe, and clean energy sources are the way of the future. Orlando has seen hundreds of household solar installations in the last 12 months.

By converting to solar energy now with Just Doing Solar, you may save hundreds or thousands of dollars. Being leading solar panel installation company in Orlando, we simplify and optimize the solar industry and the whole process.

Contact us now for your solar panel installation in Orlando at affordable prices.

Solar panels cost in Orlando

Before incentives, a 6 kW solar system in Orlando would cost you around $15,480. This decreases to $10,836, or around $1.81 per watt, when the 30% federal solar tax credit is applied. Depending on the business you choose, the equipment installed, the system size, and your financing options, the overall cost of a solar system will change.

Is solar worth it in Orlando?

Of course! Because Orlando, also known as the “sunshine state,” gets a lot of direct sunlight, solar panels are a cost-effective option to produce solar power and reduce energy costs.

Solar panels in St. Petersburg

Installing solar panels in Florida will allow you to live more sustainably, and save money. Contact Just Doing Solar to get concierge-quality solar panel installation in St. Petersburg.

Just Doing Solar helps with the conversion of sunshine into clean energy for use in homes and businesses, therefore lowering or eliminating utility costs and significantly lowering the planet’s carbon footprint.

We only provide the best, up-to-date technology together with time-tested premium solar modules, inverters, and mounting systems.

Solar panels cost in Petersburg

In Saint Petersburg, a 6 kW solar system cost you around $15,480 before applying solar incentives. This lessen to $10,836, or around $1.81 per watt, after the 30% federal solar tax credit. The size of the system, the installed apparatus, the financing method, and the installer you select will all affect the final cost of a solar system.

Is solar worth it in Petersburg?

Yes, it’s worth it to install solar panels in Petersburg

Compared to other regions of the United States, how fast you break even on your investment relies on a number of factors, those are the cost of solar system, incentives, temperature, and the angle at which the sun strikes your roof.

Solar panels in Hialeah

Just Doing Solar is always here help people determine if installing solar panels are a good fit for your house. Using the solar panels enables you to benefit from the solar power all year round. Using solar energy not only saves your income but also protect the environment since it produces clean, emission-free electricity that doesn’t damage the environment.

Better yet, we only team up with the best manufacturers of solar panels that can cope with strong winds and the environment in South Florida. Providing a manufacturer’s guarantee of up to 25 years. Offering expert solar panel installation in Hialeah and maintenance with pride.

Our team of professionals in solar installation is enthusiastic about what they do. We put a lot of effort into meeting the energy demands of each and every one of our clients. They have a great deal of expertise in the solar energy industry, so we know they can assist you with all of your energy demands.

Contact us to get a quote now!

Solar panels cost in Hialeah

Without the tax credit, the average cost of solar panels in Hialeah was around $16,050 for a 5-kW system and $32,100 for a 10-kW system. However, the actual cost will depend on a number of variables, including the kind of solar panels you want, the size system you require, and your energy use.

Is solar worth it in Hialeah?

Yes. For most households, solar energy is a smart investment. In addition to benefiting from solar subsidies, you may generate your own electricity and contribute to environmental preservation rather than relying on the grid.

Solar panels in Hialeah

Solar panels in Cape Coral

One of the renewable energy sources that is expanding the quickest in the USA is solar power use. Many people think that in the future, it will serve as the primary energy source. Solar energy is a very effective method of producing energy that also doesn’t deplete the planet’s finite resources.

In Cape Coral, where the light never sets, going solar is easy. Get top-notch solar panel installation in Cape Carol from Just Doing Solar.

We are professional solar panel installers in Cape Coral, Florida will provide you with advice on the best spot to put the panels in order to optimize your financial return. To install these panels, make use of your roof or any open area.

Solar panels cost in Cape Coral

The average cost of a solar panel in Cape Coral is $2.36/W. A 5 kW solar panel system may be installed for an average cost of $10,044 to $13,590 in Cape Coral, Florida; the average gross price for solar in Cape Coral, Florida is $11,817.

Is solar worth it in Cape Coral?

Installing solar panels in Cape Coral, Florida is generally a worthwhile investment. However, the rate at which your investment is recouped will depend on a number of variables, including the cost of power and any applicable subsidies, climate, sun angle, etc.